May 2019

Rosen class have had a lot of fun this half term! The children have been learning about plants and flowers and what they need to grow. They have planted bean seeds and observed them and updated seed diaries. Some children have carried out experiments to see what would happen if they changed the plants conditions. We decided to put one in the fridge, one in a dark cupboard and one we didn’t water.The children made some interesting predictions and it has been interesting to see if they have been correct. The seeds in plastic bags that the Reception children planted have  grown beautifully and have been the topic of several conversations in the classroom.

During our Art sessions the children have learnt about Van Gogh and his famous work of art. The children have particularly liked his Sunflowers painting. Year one and Reception have been developing their drawing skills and have drawn flowers and trees in the garden.



Australian Storyteller

On Thursday 13th June Reception and year 1 took part in a Storytelling experience. The learnt a lot about Australia. They learnt about unusual animals and their characteristics, Aboriginies, Australia it self, aboriginal art and how a didgeridoo is made.

Pupils were able to create movement and dance to stories that were being told. Whilst the storyteller told the story he also played the didgeridoo! The children found it very exciting! They all had the opportunity to play both types of didgeridoo. They learnt how to use their mouths correctly in order to play it successfully. They were able to put their hands underneath to feel it vibrate when it is played. They also could smell the eucalyptus oil.

The children enjoyed this cultural experience and they have learnt so many interesting facts. They all listened attentively to what he had to say. Well done Year One and Reception!

Pirate treasure hunt

Following our topic, Sir Francis Drake, reception explored pirates!  They made eye patches and pirate hats and even made treasure maps and messages in a bottle.

With KS1, we then created a pirate treasure hunt.  Each team wrote clues and hid them around the school for the other teams to find.  We had great fun exploring and being independent pirates in search of treasure.

Pancake Day

Perfect Pancakes!

In maths, reception learnt about halving.  In groups we used a cup and had to fill it half full with each of the ingredients.  We then separated an egg into half and took turns to mix it all together.

Once they were cooked in a frying pan we had to work in pairs to cut our pancakes into half to share between us.  We had to make sure it was half so it was fair.

We then got to eat our half – yum!

An Introduction to The Great Fire of London

This week Rosen class have been introduced to The Great Fire of London during their IPC lessons with Mrs Clark and Miss Lee. The children know how the fire was started, what date it began and what London was like in 1666. They than compared modern London to what London was like in 1666.

The children have drawn pictures to portray the Great Fire of London and they thought carefully about what the buildings looked like. On Thursday Rosen class were introduced to a fantastic song that helped them to remember the story. They learned the actions to accompany it.

After that, percussion intruments were explored: the children grouped the instruments into instruments that had to be shaken and instruments that had to be played by tapping them,such as the drums. They had to create a beat that went with the song making sure that they kept in time with each other. The children were able to complete this task successfully.

Some of the children played instruments, sang and performed the sign language to accompany the music. They created a beautiful final piece putting all what they had learnt together and performing it without Miss Lee’s help.

The Great Fire of London song can be accessed on You Tube and it is sung by Al Start.