What a great first half term it has been!  The new reception children have settled in fabulously and are now following the class routines and loving school life.  We welcome them as well as our new teacher, Miss Lee, who is working with Mrs Clarke to deliver learning in Rosen Class.

The new half term has seen lots of exciting events already with Bonfire Night and Diwali but of course our immediate focus has been on the WWI centenary.  The children have learnt about why countries go to war and what peace means but ultimately, how to maintain peace.  This generation will make decisions about our future and if they can understand the importance of peace, hopefully we will never see the horrors and reality of WWI again.

The children have been learning about the meaning of poppies and making them using different medium.

We also learnt about memorials and their importance.  We made our own using clay.

“They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old.

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

As the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.”


Special Visitors

Rosen Class were visited by some butterflies.  We learnt about caterpillars and how they become butterflies.  We collected flowers to feed the butterflies and made some special nectar water.

The children cleared out the old flowers – they were very brave putting their hand in the netting to do this.  We then added the new flowers and used a pipette to sprinkle the water.  We drew what the butterflies looked like and made labels for what was in the net.

The children wanted to watch them all day and got very excited when they flapped their wings.

Becky Falls

To close the Spring term and finalise our topic ‘what can you see?’ Rosen Class went to Becky Falls.  What an amazing experience.

The children took part in trails above and below the waterfall, used their observational skills to find and collect stamps and came up close and personal with many different species of animal.

What a beautiful place and the children loved exploring.  They did so well climbing up and down, making sure they looked where it was safe to walk.  Ready now for a well earnt break for Easter!

The cat that got the cream

Rosen Class learnt about where food comes from.  The children were most surprised to learn that we can turn one food item into lots of different foods, for example potatoes into chips and crisps.

We learnt that from milk, you can make cream, cheese and butter.  We had a go ourselves at turning cream into butter.  The children had great fun shaking in different ways then getting the butter they had made, out of the bottle.  Although we think their favourite part was tasting it!

New Addition!

Rosen Class have had an exciting addition to their outside area – they now have a canopy to keep them dry whatever the weather.  This is a fabulous addition and very welcomed by the staff and children.

The children had no idea it was going to be build so were guessing throughout the day what it could be.  One children thought it was a stage for them to act on!

This now means the children’s outside learning can continue regardless of the weather conditions.  The new canopy was funded in association with the Diocese.

Pancake Day

Rosen class had lots of fun making their own frying pans and pancakes.  They used lollypop sticks and paper plates and had to work out how to secure them together to give them the best chance of winning the pancake race.  They then selected their own resources to add toppings to their pancakes.

Once ready, the children practised tossing their pancakes before the big race….

IMG_2514[1]            IMG_2513[1]

The children then lined up in the hall and on your marks… they were off.

And the winner of the race was….. JENSON.  Well done!

What Can You See?

Rosen Class have settled back in fantastically this term.  Their focused learning is really starting to show in their progress!

Our topic this term is ‘What can you see?’  For one aspect of that, we are looking at the work of famous artists and comparing them to each other.  We have focused on Kankinsky and Van Gogh.


The children noticed Kandinsky’s work was ‘abstract’.  They could each see different things in his paintings.  We talked about the shapes and colours he used then recreated his ‘Concentric Circles’ painting.  Here are examples of our efforts –


We used sugar paper and drew around circles of different sizes.  We then layered them on top of a square.  We also tried dipping circular containers into paint and placing on squared paper then painting in the gaps.

Van Gogh

We then looked at the work of Van Gogh.  He had a very different style to Kandinsky.  He liked to paint portraits and landscapes. We went outside and, using watercolours, painted a tree that we could see.