November 2016

A table and chairs appeared outside the door today!  The children discovered it and took great delight in sharing ideas as to how it got there and why.  Some thought a fairy had had a picnic.  One child decided to sprinkle fairy dust near the door.  The dust would, “shrink everything so it was small enough for the fairy.”  Though after a couple of days nothing shrunk so it was concluded that because the dust did not work, it can’t be a fairy behind the door.  I wonder what it could be?

Rosen class have settled in really well since starting in September.  Strong friendships are already forming and the children have soon got used to school routines.

Though since Rosen class started, strange things have been happening.  They found a skeleton dancing in their classroom!  After seeing the footage, the children remained alert during their learning time to look for clues of where the skeleton had been and discovered bones outside.  They enjoyed discussing how the skeleton had got into class, and used the ipads to see if they could capture any images of the skeleton in the trees.  At one point, the skeleton was even caught dancing on Mrs Webb’s desk!  The children immediately expressed that no one should stand on furniture so put the skeleton’s name on our ‘Sad Faces’ board.

They made wanted posters and used their sounds to write ‘skeleton’ to let everyone know what we were looking for.  They wrote the school’s telephone number on the poster so people knew who to call if they spotted the skeleton around or near school.  The posters must have scared the skeleton off because he hasn’t returned to our school.






Skeleton Wanted Poster


Brixton St Mary’s certainly is a magical school.  After the skeleton’s appearance in the first half term, this half term has seen a door appear in our outside area!

Magical Door Appears

The children have shared their ideas about what they think lives behind the door and used describing words to talk about what it might look like.  Rosen class have drawn pictures of fairies, monsters, hedgehogs and even ants then used their sounds to write about the creature.  It hasn’t made an appearance yet but we will keep searching for clues….. WATCH THIS SPACE!


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