What Can You See?

Rosen Class have settled back in fantastically this term.  Their focused learning is really starting to show in their progress!

Our topic this term is ‘What can you see?’  For one aspect of that, we are looking at the work of famous artists and comparing them to each other.  We have focused on Kankinsky and Van Gogh.


The children noticed Kandinsky’s work was ‘abstract’.  They could each see different things in his paintings.  We talked about the shapes and colours he used then recreated his ‘Concentric Circles’ painting.  Here are examples of our efforts –


We used sugar paper and drew around circles of different sizes.  We then layered them on top of a square.  We also tried dipping circular containers into paint and placing on squared paper then painting in the gaps.

Van Gogh

We then looked at the work of Van Gogh.  He had a very different style to Kandinsky.  He liked to paint portraits and landscapes. We went outside and, using watercolours, painted a tree that we could see.


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